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About us

In 2016, Sander Bos (founder and head of sales) was approached by Wilco Vos (head of development) with an idea to create a multiplayer VR game. With the support of Sebastiaan de Jonge (Angel investor), these two men worked on realizing this dream, leading to the birth of the first location-based VR experience in 2017.

 What started as a single company quickly grew into a group various entities, including development, service, and multiple locations. Guided by Alexander de Jonge (head of finance), this growth was steered smoothly and caught the attention of other entrepreneurs, who wanted a peace of the action.  

In 2018, the first franchise partner, NaVRtar, joined forces with the driven entrepreneurs at Lightning VR. Lightning VR crafted an exceptional franchise product, offering top-tier hardware, installation, training, support, and engaging content.  In January 2023, we proudly launched the latest version of our new VR product, Lightning VR Game Systems.

The marketing for this incredible product is guided by Ralph Leeninga (head of marketing). Thanks to Ralph, the world now knows about the amazing innovations and content we create.


To be a global leader in Virtual Reality Entertainment


Guided by our expertise, driven by our relentless R&D and backed up by our excellent service, we will continually deliver industry leading VR systems, content and gameplay.


Expert - We are the authority on VR entertainment
Dynamic - We are driven and energetic
Fun - We are fun to work and play with
Reliable - Longevity, trustworthy, great service
Progressive - Our continuous R&D feeds into everything we do

Meet the team

Game Studio Groningen

Sander Bos – Founder, Head of Sales

Alexander - Head of Finance

Ralph Leeninga – Head of Marketing